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  1. Nissan Consult 3 Plus Programming Reviews Cheapest way FOUND!

    Nissan Consult 3 Plus programming reviews:
    I looks like it’s a remote system using a bluetooth and is good up to 5 meters away. It also looks like it only works for OBD2…1996 and newer.
    The Nissan Consult three Plus does not support the Q45’s made from 1990-1996 YET. I hope that changes soon.
    I have an Infiniti G37 (2011). I used Nissan Consult III Plus to enter the pin and start programming new Key Fobs.
    I was able to clear the existing keys , but am not able to program ...
  2. Xtool A80 Quick Questions and Answers

    OBD2TOOL will offer you some questions and answers about XTOOL A80 H6 to help you know more about this device.
    What’s the main features of A80?
    * Key programming
    * All System Diagnostic
    * EEPROM Adapter
    * Odometer Adjustment
    * Electric Parking Brake
    * Steering angle sensor adjustment
    * DPF
    * Service/Maintenance Light
    * Cylinder
    * Air Suspension
    * PIN Code Reading
    * Headlight
    * Tyre Pressure Reset
    * Throttle ...
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  3. SD connect interface is Saying please put in batteries

    Hello MB star
    I just recieved My tablet and it looks and work Very good .
    But The sd connect interface is Saying “please put in batteries”
    What type of batteries is it ?
    This problem same to :
    SD Connect C4 mux display: Favor inserir baterias(Please insert batteries)

    Here you go :
    Please prepare the following tools:
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  4. John Deere Service Advisor Installation on Win7Win10

    Here is the John Deere Service Advisor Installation guide on Win7/Win10.The steps of installation on win7 is same as win7.I will show the John Deere Service Advisor installation on win7,you just need to check the method.And at end of article you would better watch the video guide.
    John Deere Service Advisor Freed Download:
    John Deere Service Advisor Software Free Download
    Note:Try on WIN7 32bit successfully, try Win10 64bit at your own luck.
    Procedures of Heavy Duty Truck Scanner John ...
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  5. Lonsdor K518 Program a Key and Remote for 2017 KIA Ceed Done!

    2017 KIA Ceed key and remote control programming… Lonsdor K518 work well!
    80 bit immo system-pin code reading is not possible, do not read!
    Got key by dump. you can key in pin code reading!
    Only MK programmer knows! Abrites, Tango, Lonsdor I couldn’t read.

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