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  1. How to remove mites on plush toys?

    Although exquisite toys are childish and cute, you will still find that some people think it is unpopular, and some people even collect multiple sins for these people. Once a lot of "unidentified criminal acts" appear in plush toys, custom plush animals,they will be full of mites, endangering the lives of children. Health is another common concern of customers. Naturally, we cannot refuse. Because of the fabric, plush toys may attract mites, but just like our bedding, bedding, pillowcases ...
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  2. Several features of making use of plastic material products in health care gear

    Plastic material is throw-away, malleable, resilient, inexpensive, and will outperform products made from metal, ceramic, or window. These are some of the great things about applying this low-cost and durable substance in medical products.
    Handy sterilization
    Operative equipment made of medical plastic are very suited to one use as their fingertips can slow down the distributed of fatal infection. Nevertheless, plastic molding manufacturer,contemporary technologies helps to make unique ...
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  3. How to thoroughly clean the bedding when it is not clean

    Use a vacuum cleaner to clean the dust from the mattress at first glance. ,plush mattressï¼OEWhen cleaning, pay attention to cleaning near the surface of the bed. If you are dealing with recessed locations, please pay more attention to this. This may become an event location for unclean spots. Pay attention to clean up. In addition, when changing sheets every day, please use detergent to clean the bedding to reduce dust deposits.

    To remove the fishy ...
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  4. Several common sense about CNC lathe handling

    When using CNC lathes for digesting, you may definitely deal with different problems. Allow us to have a look at the typical feeling about CNC lathe digesting:
    1. For CNC lathes to approach repeating production elements, cnc machine parts,this process preparation guy-undefinedtime using CNC grinders occupies a fairly high percentage. As an example, process examination preparation, coding, adjustment and check reducing of your initially component of a aspect, the entire of the comprehensive ...
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  5. The principle of choosing CNC tools

    Tool life is closely related to cutting volume. When formulating cutting parameters, the reasonable tool life should be selected first, and the reasonable tool life should be determined according to the optimization goal. Generally divided into the highest productivity tool life and the lowest cost tool life, cnc machining services,the former is determined according to the goal of the least single-piece man-hours, and the latter is determined according to the goal of the lowest process cost. ...

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