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What is the role of AOI in SMT complete line equipment?

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With the rapid development of PCB products towards ultra-thin, small components, high density, and fine pitch. The assembly density of components on circuit boards has increased, and PCB line widths, spacings, and pads have become smaller and smaller, and have reached the micron level. Manual visual inspection methods are no longer sufficient.SunzonTech\'s smt aoi machines use cutting-edge technology to guarantee high speed and precision with FPC special detection logic and defect analysis. At present, most factories are still using manual visual inspection methods. However, as the market demand for miniaturization and low energy consumption of electronic products is becoming more and more vigorous, the development of electronic components is becoming faster and faster.
In addition, people are easily fatigued and affected by emotions. Compared with manual visual inspection, machine vision equipment has higher stability, repeatability and higher accuracy.
Reduce staff training costs: The speed of training a skilled staff has been far behind the speed of staff turnover.
Defect early warning: prevent defects in the previous process. We can use AOI products in solder paste printing, in front of the furnace, and behind the furnace to intercept broken machines in time, and effectively control by on-site personnel.
Reduce PCBA maintenance costs: By applying AOI in different quality stations, real-time feedback data on the impact of process changes on quality can be obtained.
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