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Can headphones store songs?

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The answer is yes. Generally, the memory card used in the card headset is a mobile phone memory card, which can download songs to the memory card, and data download can be realized without a card reader or connection to the mobile phone headphones with memory card Function, very convenient

The first type you are talking about may be a Bluetooth headset, which is to connect your mobile phone or player wirelessly, provided that your devices support Bluetooth function. And this communication distance will not be too far, generally 20 or 30 meters Distance. The second type is earphone mp3, that is, mp3 is made into earphone style, and you can listen to the song directly.

You can buy a card earphone, you download the song to the memory card and then insert the memory card into the earphone to listen to the music away from the computer. The memory card playback function is still head-mounted, like you said, install the memory The card can listen to music.

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