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Can I wear sunglasses for myopia?

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There are two types of lenses that are specifically designed for nearsighted people. Not only the nearsighted ones, but also one that can be worn at night.

Sunglass clip: Sunglass clip is a polarized sunglasses specially designed for nearsighted people, which effectively prevents glare and ultraviolet rays. It is especially suitable for outdoor sports such as driving, outdoor and fishing. Using polarized lens technology, the visual resolution is greatly improved. Eliminate 99% of reflected light and scattered light, making your vision clearer and smoother. sunglasses custom ,The lens is specially strengthened with a film, which is effective in resistance to abrasion, scratch and impact.

Night driving lens: The night driving lens should be able to block more than 80% of the strong light of the opponent's car, and the light transmittance of the main lens must be >75%. Observing the road is not affected. Wearing a good driving night vision goggles at night is not only possible for drivers See the road surface clearly, and can effectively reduce the glare and glare and other harmful light from the headlights of the opponent's car. While blocking the glare, you can see the road clearly, so as to ensure your driving safety.


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