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What kind of mattress is suitable for babies and toddlers to sleep

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The hardness of the mattress varies from person to person. "Sleeping on a hard bed and using a hard mattress" has always been regarded as a good habit for people to protect their backs and keep fit. Especially for infants and young children who are in the growth and development period, such as sleeping on a hard mattress, it will cause skeletal dysplasia and even leave the hidden danger of "scoliosis".

Children should consider two factors when choosing children's mattresses, the first is the hardness.

The ideal mattress for infants and young people should be composed of a soft surface layer and a strong and elastic middle layer. It is recommended to use a medium-soft mattress instead of a hard mattress that is generally considered. On the one hand, the uneven pressure caused by the body curve can be compensated by the soft surface layer, which supports the child's body from two aspects without causing spinal deformity. On the other hand, the middle layer can give the child a strong support.

With the aggravation of scoliosis, the chest of the child will also be deformed, which will lead to a reduction in the volume of the chest cavity and cause a series of cardiopulmonary discomfort. Failure to receive timely and effective treatment will affect their cardiopulmonary function.

The mattress for infants and young children should not be too hard, especially from birth to 3 years old. Children in this period spend most of their time on the bed. If the mattress is too hard, the child may be in contact with the mattress. If the head, back, and hip bones are deformed, they may cause scoliosis in the baby. The direct harm of scoliosis to the child is to make the body shape abnormal and damage its upright image.

Before 7 years old, the cartilage layer between the vertebrae of the spine is particularly developed. Spine deformity can be caused by young children's improper posture or tension on one side for a long time. custom size mattress . Many people think that a soft and comfortable bed is the best for children to sleep. In fact, a soft mattress is not good for children's health. Because the human spine has 4 physical bends, these bends are not fixed by ligaments until after 7 years of age.

When the child sleeps on the side, it is easy to cause scoliosis deformity, which can cause thoracic deformity. At the same time, it is not good for the child's heart and lung development. When a child sleeps on his back, because the torso is heavier, the compression spring sags downwards, which increases the physiological curvature of the spine and makes the spine in an arc-shaped state. The burden on the ligaments and joints near the spine will increase. Over time, it is easy to cause hunchback.

In addition, when sleeping on a soft mattress, children have an increased chance of sleeping with their head covered. The child will be in a state of hypoxia during sleep, chest tightness, shortness of breath, and some dreams and nightmares, which will make the child's sleep quality deteriorate and not get enough rest.

At the same time, a mattress that is too hard can damage the child's spine, so choose a mattress with moderate hardness to protect the child's spine.

A mattress that is too soft will affect your child’s spine development, but a mattress that is too hard is also detrimental to your child’s health. The ideal bed should be adapted to the needs of the human body surface curve. When lying on your back, your buttocks should not sink excessively.


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