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Recommendations and Procedures

This forum is intended to explore general English language issues related to language usage that*regularly cause problems and doubts.

It is also intended to explore English language linguistics.*So, discuss terminology, vocabulary, grammatical approach and style, and other English linguistics issues.

English Slang consists of informal words involving the creation of new linguistic forms or adaptations. So, explain and help your colleagues understand the meaning of these expressions which differ from colloquial English.

The official English in the Sultanate of Oman is the British English and the American English has many spelling and phonology differences from English as used elsewhere. So, this forum aims at sharing examples and explanations of such differences.

Find and discuss divergence between American English and British English as well as variation in grammar, usage, spelling and vocabulary within United Kingdom English.

The most words and expressions are taken from British slang, while others are derived from Aboriginal terms and have become part of Australian, Canadian, and American English. So, explain and help your colleagues understand Australian, Canadian, and American English expressions.


It's not easy to make a perfect environment of creativity without believing that it's us who can creat it.

This place won't be able to be without your inspiration. So, let's put our hands together and make it our heaven where you can.
Express your thoughts, feelings and experiences.

Here, you'll find friends whom you can share your joys and tears with.

For this, we should have a charter and treaty for the continuity of this place, let's chant those lines together and say:


English is our aim, so only proper English is allowed to be used here. Using Arabic or other languages is forbidden. Otherwise, the post will be edited.


Choosing our language while discussion reflects our own
thoughts and behavior.


Everyone is free to express themselves as long as they bear in mind their own limits.


Being up to date is our goal but before posting, read the topic carefully and pay attention when using slang language.


The repeated topics will be deleted.


Credibility is one of our aims, so never forget to appendix your copied topics with the word "copied" and mention the source.


It's quality that matters not quantity, so never post more than three topics aday. Otherwise, it will be deleted.


GIVE and TAKE is something we should consider here on the board to promote our language; so, saying "thank you" "lool" or "Allah may bless you" isn't enough sharing, views or thoughts are what we seek here.


If you are new to this forum, this is the place where you can introduce yourself to the other members of the community.